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If you need any guidance when choosing which service best fits you and your hair, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team with a picture of your current hair as well as an inspo picture! Looking forward to meeting you!

Before booking in, please scroll down to our salon policies to be prepared for your appointment

Highlights & Foil Work

Full Head Foils 
Starting at 185+

Using a highlighting technique (highlights, balayage, babylights, foils, etc) to add brightness or depth throughout the entire head. This service can be a huge or small change depending on what you'd like. Includes blow/style.

Half Head Foils
Starting at 145 +

Using a highlighting technique (highlights, balayage, babylights, foils, etc) to add brightness or depth throughout the front & crown. Best for maintenance or for a smaller change. Includes blow/style.

Single Colour

Full Colour
Starting at 150 + 

Applying a single colour from root to ends. This colour can be used to cover gray, darken virgin or coloured hair. It can also to lighten virgin hair by up to 3 levels. It can also be used to change depth, the tone and or simply add shine to the hair creating a glossy effect. Does not include any lightening/bleaching services. Includes blow/style.

Colour Root Touch Up
Starting at 108+

Touching up your natural regrowth from a full colour. This is for when your roots are between 4-8 weeks. Includes blow/style.

Platinum / Global Lighten

Platinum Root Touch Up
Starting at 175 +

Traditional platinum roots are when the regrowth has had six to eight weeks to grow since the last retouch. Includes blow/style.

"Overgrown" Root Touch Up
Starting at 215 +

When your regrowth has had exceeded eight weeks but is less than sixteen weeks. The greater the challenges which lead to longer processing, different application’s, more product used all of which command more attention. Includes blow/style.

Full Transformation

Doing a full platinum/global lighten transformation requires a consultation before booking. Includes blow/style.

Fantasy Colour

Full Pre Lighten + Full Fantasy
Starting at 235+

Fantasy colours are colours such as pink, blue, purple, red etc. In order to create this effect of colour, most of the time the hair must be pre lightened. This service is for when you want your whole head to be a fantasy colour! Includes blow/style.

Highlights + Fantasy
Starting at 210+

Fantasy colours are colours such as pink, blue, purple, red etc. In order to create this effect of colour, most of the time the hair must be pre lightened. This service is when you'd like some of your hair to be one or more fantasy colours. Includes blow/style.

Advanced Colour

Starting at 215+

Advanced colour work, extreme changes, and multi-stage processes within one visit that require corrective work. Includes blow/style.


Scissor / Long Medium 70+

This includes trims, layers, big chops, bob cuts, etc. Any cut that requires scissors. Includes blow/style.

Clippers Cut 33+

For those clipper or scissor over comb cuts on super short hair. Includes blow/style.

Not quite sure what you want yet?

No problem! On our appointment booking page we even have "Not Quite Sure Yet" as a service option!

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You, be you.

How we work + Our salon policies

When You Visit & Tips  

Please avoid wearing your cutest fit! Possible colour and/or bleach stains can happen within the process.

Be sure to bring in a few inspo pictures!

Our Platinum / Global Bleach friends! Please try to come with day old hair/dirty hair. This will help your process be smoother.

For all services please come in with dry hair :)

Our Services & Pricing

All services show a starting price and can increase or decrease based on hair length, density, and additional services rendered. Number of sessions needed to achieve specific results may vary. We have an in-depth consultation with every client before starting our service together.

Cancellations & No Shows

We want to give every client the time and attention that you deserve for your service.

This is why we require a non-refundable deposit to secure every booking. Your deposit will go towards your service cost & be subtracted off at checkout.

We understand that sometimes circumstances arise and you need to make adjustments to your plans. If you must cancel or rebook your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24 hours notice.

No - Shows are hard on our staff and leave other guests waiting. If we do not get a cancellation before the 24 hour notice, your non refundable deposit will not be returned. Our policies, including our 24 hour cancellation period give us the opportunity to fill missed appointments and offer services to other clients. If you have to cancel within this period, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you! :) 

Out of respect for our guests, services for clients arriving more than fifteen minutes late will be honored at Joseph Head Hair Colour's discretion. We reserve the right to cancel or modify your services as needed to stay on time for all following appointments.


If you are not satisfied with your hair, please reach out to us within 2 weeks and we will be happy to make any needed adjustments. We want you to love your hair!


How long will my appointment take? 

At our salon, our dedicated team prioritises you and your hair and never rushes the process. This helps us get you to your hair goals! Curating and crafting a customised look specifically for you can take several hours or even multiple sessions. 

Most of our colour services take anywhere between 2-6 hours. Timing varies heavily depending on your starting point & desired result, length, density and colour of your hair. Feel free to bring snacks, work/your laptop, a book or anything else you’d like! If you have a tight schedule to stick to, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns!

What’s included in my service? 

We want your hair to feel and look its absolute best, that's why we include the wash, blow dry and style at no extra cost. Those finishing touches are such a wonderful part of getting your hair done!  

I have hair extensions, can I still book an appointment? 

Our salon is heavily focused on colour services so we unfortunately don’t work with extensions. We would ask you to remove your extensions before coming in to ensure our team can properly achieve your colour. We currently do not offer any extension installation, removal, or cuts. 

What if I don’t know which service to book? Or if I feel like the service I want isn't listed? 

If you don't know, no problem at all! It’ll be our job to figure it out together. If you choose this option, when booking your appointment please write in as many details as you can about your current hair and goals. We offer complimentary consultation bookings, plus we'll always have a consultation at the beginning of every appointment, whether you’re a regular or your first time! We can make recommendations to fit your wants and needs.